Wednesday 6 May 2015

End Hunger Denialism!

South African Food Sovereignty Campaign (SAFSC)
A Call To All!
People’s Tribunal on Hunger, Food Prices and
7-9 May 2015 Women’s Jail, Constitution Hill
The scale of hunger in South Africa is a crisis. At least 14 million South Africans suffer from hunger. Almost half of our population does not have enough to eat. This is an act of violence and like apartheid is a crime against humanity. Why are we not talking about this as a nation?
  •   The voices of the hungry are ignored by the media. Instead sections of the media promotes, through advertising, fast and unhealthy food, elite diets, fails to expose greedy profiteering from staple foods and does not support a balanced debate about agrarian transformation and alternatives to the current food system.
  •   Food corporations make massive profits, running into billions of Rands every year and waste about 9 million tons of food, while millions of people go hungry and 1 in 4 children under the age of 6 experience malnutrition.
  •   Only 7% of land has been transferred under the land reform programme since 1994. Small farmers who want to produce to feed our country do not get the support they need from government.
    It is time that we put this unfair, unjust and wasteful food system on TRIAL!
    It is time for a food system built through food sovereignty!
    Come to the tribunal to hear the hungry, the poor and the landless raise their voices about hunger, food prices and landlessness against the corporations and the state who perpetuate hunger! Learn about why we need a new food system based on food sovereignty and which is fair, just, protects the earth, and serves our people rather than profit!
    Food Waste Is A Crime Against the Hungry! Fight Hunger Through Land Reform Now! Fast Food Kills!
    Contact: Mandla 079 095 3493 / Andrew 072 278 4315 / Twitter: @safoodsovereignty
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SAFSC National Coordinating Committee
Likeleli Motete | Imraahn Mukaddam | Anique van der Vlugt | Davine Cloete | Patrick Tshikana | Thami Dlamini | Matthews Hlabane | Karen Read | Nomsa Selebano Vishwas Satgar | Jacklyn Cock | Thobeka Finca | Mandla Mndebele 

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