Tuesday 5 April 2016

Call for President Zuma to Resign!


Press Conference, 3pm, Steps of the Constitutional Court, Constitutional Hill, Braamfontein
Wednesday 6 April

President Jacob Zuma Must Resign
Civil Society Organisations to Announce Steps in Campaign for the South Africa we Demand
It Starts with the Removal of a Corrupt President 

This evening an alliance of civil society, church, trade union and academic organisations held an urgent meeting to discuss the growing political and economic crisis that faces South Africa. In attendance were representatives of the Anglican Church of SA, the Evangelical Alliance, the SA Christian Leadership Initiative, the United Front, trade unions, the artists’ coalition and civil society organisations including Corruption Watch and the TAC. 

The meeting took place in the wake of another vote in Parliament which, by voting against impeaching the President, dishonoured our Constitution and disappointed millions of people. This means our country will continue to lurch from crisis to crisis. Clearly the National Assembly has yet to understand the Constitutional Court’s pronouncements on the separation of powers and its primary duty to defend and advance the Constitution. 

People are feeling pain. Anger and urgency is growing. Ever larger numbers of people and organisations join the clamour to insist that Jacob Zuma resign or be removed by the ANC. Political parties have failed. Persuasion and appeal has failed. The courts have spoken. Now the people will have to reclaim our hard won democracy from those who defile it for self-interest. 

A high level civil society press conference will be held tomorrow, Wednesday 6 April, at 3pm on the steps of the Constitutional Court to announce the first steps in a plan of nationwide protest, social mobilisation and consultation. The press conference will be addressed by senior leaders of civil society.           

We invite you to attend.
For further information contact:
Dinga Sikwebu:  078 457 9855
Butho Mpofu: 061 807 6443

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