Thursday 28 April 2016

Invite To Peoples Bread March and Speak Out!

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Invite and Press statement
Unite against hunger
Peoples bread march and speak out

South Africans mainly eat bread on a daily basis. Food corporations make millions from bread which contributes to profits, bonuses and hugh salaries for management. At the same time, food industry workers earn low wages and are mainly outsourced.

South Africa’s drought is affecting millions of people and increasing starvation. Coal burning is killing us. Climate change is further exposing the problems with a corporate controlled food system. Before the drought 14 million people went to bed hungry and about 46% were food insecure. Many more are suffering now. Food profiteering denies us the right to food under the constitution.

All studies show bread and food prices are increasing because of the drought and a corporate controlled food system. At the same time, Grain South Africa has confirmed that imported wheat is cheaper than local wheat. Bread prices should not be going up but should be declining. We are experiencing a ‘bread price scam’. The Competition Commission has failed to stop this. Some retailers believe by keeping bread price increases below food inflation is acceptable. We reject this profiteering given the crisis facing our society.  Its time for peoples power, through non-violent action,  to end food profiteering

We demand:
·       No to any bread price increases. Instead, we demand #breadpricesmustfall and #foodpricesmustfall.  
·       Criminal prosecution of CEOs of food corporations imposing bread price increases which deny us the right to food;
·       An investigation of the bread price scam and its impact on the poor by the Public Protector and the Human Rights Commission;
·       An end to outsourcing and descent work for food industry workers;
·       A Food Sovereignty Act to diversify our food system and ensure the people control the food system;
·       South Africa must #BreakFreeFromCoal Now!
·       Zuma and food profiteers must go!

Unite against hunger and food profiteering. Join us for Peoples Bread March and Speak Out:

Date: Friday, 29th April
Time: 1.30pm
Location: 53 Hillbrow Street, Berea, Stay City Conference Centre. We start here and end at Shoprite on Raleigh/Rocky Street.

Contact Johannesburg:
Vishwas Satgar: 082 775 3420

Contact Cape Town:
Xolisa Bangani: 081 414 8411
Imraahn Mukadam: 084 781 7122

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