Monday 30 April 2012

DLF Media Release - 2012 Freedom Day and May Day

Democratic Left Front Media Statement
On Freedom Day and May Day Lets Declare To Take Back Our Freedom
Speak Out….In Defense of Popular Democracy Now !

April 27th is not a day of celebration but of mourning for the theft of South African democracy.  South Africa has endured 18 years of market friendly policies that have produced the illusion of a people centred democracy and which has not met the needs of workers and the poor. 

Grinding unemployment and inequality caused by the choices made by the ANC government are made worse as it increases living costs – water, electricity, petrol – and now e-tolls in Gauteng.  Freedom has become freedom for an elite minority!

Top down governance and corruption are made worse by an ANC government that deems it necessary to start limiting our hard won freedoms through undermining the Constitutional Court, imposing the infamous Information Bill, the new Intelligence Act, the Traditional Court Bill and staffing the police force leadership with ZUMA cronies. Freedom has become freedom for an elite minority!

Everyday struggles by the people for accountability, for service delivery, against labour brokers , for better working conditions in urban and rural areas, to prevent land dispossession, for justice against xenophobia, homophobia, sexism and rape are met with disregard and brute force by the ANC government. The murder of Andries Tatane teaches us that: Freedom has become freedom for an elite minority!

The promise of transformation and a better life for all wrings hollow in South Africa today. On Freedom Day and May Day we say to all South Africans including COSATU, the time has come to take a stand.  The toll road issue is part of a larger challenge to take back our freedom. COSATU must not be tamed and capitulate to a state  at the centre of the crisis of democracy and solidarity in our society. For this reason, we also encourage COSATU  to use the national strike weapon to force government to understand it is the servant of the people and not the elite minority.

Moreover, the Democratic Left Front calls on the Labour movement, including COSATU, and all genuine South African Democrats to work with us towards a National Conference in Defense of Democracy and Solidarity in South Africa. Without such an initiative we will continue fighting around issues in localised and sectoral ways; we will never appreciate that the deepening crisis of democracy and solidarity requires a bold and collective response. The democratic freedoms and gains of decades of struggle are being undermined. We need to act collectively, now, to secure South Africa’s future and to say enough is enough!

Its time to defend popular democracy and solidarity !
Its time to take back our freedom !
Speak Out Now…Before its too late!

For the information contact:
Mazibuko Jara: 0836510271
Brian Ashley: 0820857088
Vishwas Satgar: 0827753420