Saturday 12 December 2015

Unite Against Corruption/Awethu! Call to Protest Zuma Decision!

Colleagues and comrades
Our country has been thrown into (further) crisis by the recent axing of Nhlanhla Nene as Finance Minister. The crisis is not so much the replacement of Nene the person as it is the manner in which it has been done, the timing of the action, and the possible reasons for it. As Zuma has not indicated why he has made this move, everyone is left to speculate as to the reasons and the general wisdom is that he wanted someone more pliable in place, someone who would not stand in the way of projects that he wants to see go through, by hook or by crook. Nene has at least demonstrated that he was a man of ethics and integrity, willing to 'speak truth to power' when it came to the spending of state funds. The SAA airbus debacle, the nuclear deal, the presidential jet - these are all matters on which Nene was taking a principled position, refusing to simply agree to them regardless of the cost to the country.
All of you either supported the march against xenophobia in April or the actions against corruption in September and October. 
We call on you, once again, to join hands with other like-minded South Africans to say, as ex-Minister of Health Barbara Hogan said today: Enough is enough.
For those who live in Gauteng, there will be a demonstration on Nelson Mandela Bridge in Braamfontein/Newtown from 10am-12pm on 16 December under the banner of 'No reconciliation with corruption'. Those in Cape Town can meet at the Cape Town Gardens near Parliament at 10am. Those living elsewhere are encouraged to plan their own action on 16 December or any other time to make your unhappiness known. Please inform us of any actions you might take in this regard by return of email. 
There are no buses arranged, there is no food promised. This is a call to all to do what you can to get to these events to add your voice of protest.
See you there.
Unite Against Corruption/Awethu!

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