Saturday 16 April 2016

Zuma Must Go - Plan of Action!

Zuma Must Go!

We the people gathered in Soweto on the 16th of April, 2016, have resolved to defend our country’s Constitution. We met following the Constitutional Court judgement that found that President Zuma has failed to uphold, defend and promote South Africa’s Constitution. We believe that there is no greater crime our head of state can commit than violating our society’s founding document – the Constitution. We believe that no apology can mend the damage caused by the unconstitutional conduct of the President.  The right thing to do is for President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma to resign.

We accept that the resignation of Zuma will not resolve all the challenges we face in restoring democracy and accountability, but it is a necessary first step. We also call for the National Assembly to be dissolved, and for national elections urgently to be held. We shall not accept the replacement of one thief by another. We have resolved to embark on a national rolling mass action to force Zuma to resign. We call upon all patriotic South Africans, black and white, young and old, to take power back to the people by participating in our mass action. We the people have resolved:

1.     to launch a rolling mass action on Freedom Day, 27 April 2016, at the biggest rally of all time in Johannesburg, Beyers Naude Square;
2.     to organise sit-ins, in all nine provinces, at national symbols of political and economic power until Zuma resigns, and to peacefully disrupt all public platforms where Zuma is scheduled to speak as he no longer has the authority of President;
3.     to use our organisational and material resources to mobilise support for the Zuma Must Go campaign;
4.  we demand a reform of our electoral system to enable South Africans directly to elect their President and members of Parliament;
5.  to consider a range of other proposals, including withholding tax, weekly pickets and  holding a Festival of Resistance;
6. to link the struggle against corruption with the struggle against poverty and hunger, and for food sovereignty by supporting the Drought Speak Out campaign activities and the demand for food prices to fall;
7.  to mobilise other sympathetic civil society organisations, including trade unions, student and youth organisations,  our families and friends, to take part in our mass action;
8.     to join hands with communities protesting about service delivery;
9.     to continue to build a broad coalition of forces which is based on principles of non-violence, maximum participation and discipline; and
10.  to demand a meeting of Civil Society organisations with President Zuma to tell him to resign;

This National Civil Society Action Plan expresses our patriotic resolve to restore faith in South Africa’s constitutional democracy. It is a clarion call for all South Africans to defend and use the state as an instrument to improve the lives of the poor, to create jobs for the unemployed and to advance the interests of our country.

Power to the People!

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